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                                  Leading the Tourism Industry

                                  这是一个波澜壮阔的大时代18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载, 春潮涌动,景象万千。

                                  This is a great era of magnificence. This is an increasing dynamic era with immerse diversity and striking development.

                                  中国的旅游业伴随着时代前进的步伐,进入了黄金时期。在时代大潮的推涌下,广东旅控集团耀世而立18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,它沐浴时代春风春雨,尽得天时地利人和。

                                  China’s tourism industry, keeping abreast of the times, has entered a golden age. It is at this climactic moment that Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd was established, bathing in the spring tide of opportunities and enjoying favorable conditions.

                                  站在新的历史起点上,在新战略的引领下,广东旅控集团乘势而上18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,以“谋局、破局、布局”为推力,构建与时代同行的旅游新格局18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。把“做旅游集大成者”的战略定力书写在每一段发展征程上;把实施“三大路径”的战略方针落实在真抓实干的行动之中;把实现“三大愿景”的战略追求标示在砥砺奋进的发展蓝图上;把“干净18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、专注18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、激情18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、荣誉”的企业文化刻度在每一位员工的心里。

                                  Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. stands at the historical new start, seizes the opportunity and strives for progress by exploring, (re)designing and implementing new strategies, thus making new tourism patterns that are adapted to the times. It endeavors to imprint every stage of development with the motto of “leading the tourism industry”; it takes concrete measures under the guidance of “three principles”; it pursues fruitful realization of “three visions”; and it impresses every staff with the company culture “integrity, concentration, passion and honor”.


                                  It has been chasing the dreams like spending effort climbing Mount Baiyun; it has been expecting good outcomes in a continuous way like the Pearl River flows.

                                  作为中国规模最大的综合性旅游企业集团之一,广东旅控集团拥有全旅游的产业矩阵。酒店、旅行社18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、景点景区、旅游及商业地产、旅游文化传媒等五大业务板块,托起了集团的大厦基业。而新的业态、新的模式也在不断的谋划发展中渐入佳境18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  As one of the largest diversified tourism enterprise groups in China, the corporation possesses a complete matrix of tourism industry, covering five business sections, i.e. hotels, travel agencies, tourist attractions, tourism and commercial real estates, and tourism cultural media. New types and models of businesses are gradually entering blissful circumstances with full development of the corporation.

                                  广东旅控集团,把历史文化的沉淀与创新发展的新思路共融共创,护好老品牌18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、转换新动能18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载、打造新业态,在全新的旅游时代,走出一条新的发展之路。

                                  Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. has enriched historical and cultural resources with new idea of innovation, preserved and rejuvenated the old brand by adding new functions and exploiting new types of business operations. Thus it has been marching on a pathway of evolutionary development in the brand-new era of tourism.

                                  时间寄来了春天18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,岁月铸就了辉煌18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  It is through years of renovation that the corporation greets the spring of development; it is with years of deliberateness and diligence that it embraces the road of glory.

                                  白天鹅宾馆,它是中国本土酒店国际化的一个符号,它见证了一个时代的变迁?8luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载!肮氏缢?、沙面情”所构成的独特文化氛围,是一代又一代人青春的集体记忆18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  White Swan Hotel, the symbol of internationalization of local hotels in China, has witnessed the vicissitude of the era. The unique culture of the hotel — “waters of the hometown, nostalgia of Shameen” has left tracks in the memories of many generations.

                                  白云宾馆18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,这座20世纪70年代的中国第一高楼,经过岁月的沧桑变化,而今依然不负盛名。

                                  Baiyun Hotel, the tallest building across China in the 1970s, lives up to its reputation with the passage of time.

                                  亚洲国际大酒店,于繁华深处彰显个性,它拥有广州酒店中海拔最高的云顶阁旋转餐厅18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,可360度纵揽全城风景。

                                  Guangdong Asia International Hotel manifests its distinctiveness in the bustling downtown, boasting of the highest revolving restaurant in Guangzhou, Sky Café Revolving Restaurant, giving an unimpeded panoramic view of the city.

                                  华厦大酒店,前身是新中国首家华侨大厦,全球华侨“回家”的第一站。60载春秋岁月,不改天下游子归心情怀18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  Hotel Landmark Canton, formerly known as the Overseas Chinese Mansion, is the first hotel in China for overseas Chinese and the first choice for them when coming home. It has been carrying the nostalgia of the wanderers through the past 60 years.

                                  随着国企的重组、整合不断深入,广东旅控集团的酒店系列将发展得更强更大18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  With the deepening of restructuring and integration of state-owned enterprises, the hotel industry under Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. will grow stronger and greater.


                                  Known as “Home for Overseas Chinese”, Guangdong China Travel Service Company grows with China and is said to be “the eldest son” of China’s tourism industry. In the era of mass tourism and leisure tourism, it is becoming a more energetic “Global Travel Service Operator”.

                                  南湖旅游中心18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,这个中国改革开放后第一批被列入国家级旅游度假区的风水宝地,座云山之下18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,拥一湖碧水,具诗意之美。它承载着一段段与领袖人物的历史记忆18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。是广东旅控集团未来发展道路上一道亮丽的风景线18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  Nanhu Tourism Centre has been one of the first-listed national tourist resorts since China’s reform and opening-up. It is full of poetic beauty, located at the foot of Mount Baiyun and adjacent to a jade-green lake. It carries the memories of many former Chinese leaders. It will be a splendid landscape in future development of Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd.


                                  Guangdong Nanhai Tourism Industrial Park, the first National Tourism Industry Gathering (Experimental) Zone, has unique scenery with ancient villages and cottages, lofty mountains and flowing waters. It is injected new vitality by concentration and integration of tourism industries.

                                  南宁根德,其投资运营的新朝阳广场,鼎立于广西南宁中心城区,以年轻时尚、潮流体验消费闻名遐迩18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载。

                                  Xin-Chaoyang Shopping Mall, invested and operated by Nanning Gende, is situated in the downtown of Nanning, Guangxi. It targets at fashion and the youth, and is widely known for enjoyable consumption experiences.

                                  西藏林芝18luck新利体育官网 18luck手机客户端下载,塞上江南,别样风情。在这里,广东旅控集团谱写出了一曲曲华丽的乐章。

                                  In Linzhi, Tibet, a fertile land with exceedingly?fascinating?and?charming scenery, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. has drawn up a series of blueprints and composed movements of refulgence.


                                  Guangdong Travel and Tourism Press is the first company publishing tourism and tourist-culture-related books in the early 1980s in China. The books once led the trend of the times. A combination with tourism culture will support the onward journey of the tourism industry.


                                  Trends differ across times, so do pursuits. The mountains remain green and we remain forward. Started from the Pearl River, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. is establishing a reputation in China and spreading its name to the world.
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